Our solar water heating systems (SWHS) are some of the best solar thermal heating systems you can get. Our solar thermal heating systems (Geysers) generate power purely from the sun’s energy. Then to assist heating the heating process, the water runs into the storage tank for thermal usage instead of using electricity all the time and wasting money. What’s nice is, It only takes short time to heat your water and this is saving you money on electricity. We do “Solar energy for free hot water”.

Well usually the collector system is installed outside your house or building on a north direction facing the roof at an angle. We assist you when buying an one of our (SABS) tested solar water heater to replace your conventional geyser and our geysers are affordable. We have rolled out a large-scale solar water heating systems in Gauteng and South Africa. We had more than 400 clients by the beginning of our business (We only stock on quality), especially in Gauteng. The average South African sunny day in Gauteng produces enough solar energy to heat the water in your geyser to a comfortable 55 – 65 degrees Celsius, Yes indeed, even in the coldest. Come on what are you waiting for? Our solar geysers are able to withstand hail stones up to 38mm and the tubes have an expected life span of more than 20 years. Our service department is quality controlled, making sure you are not left in the cold and we can attend to all of our clients’ needs with a long track record.